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AMC's Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

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April 19th, 2014

The prequel to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is expected to shoot in Albuquerque and the New Mexico extras and background Casting Company is now casting for the show’s extras.

If you would like to be considered for the part send in a current photo of yourself. Keep in mind the photo must be in color and must contain the following information:

Include your availability, your name, contact information, height, weight, age, the city you live in as well as the make, model, year and color of your vehicles.

Send the above information to extras@whiteturtlecasting.com.


February 13th, 2014

Aaron Paul is about to be interviewed on CBC Radio. Unfortunately licencing means that non-Canadians can't listen to CBC Radio online during the Olympics, but they keep recordings of the interviews on their website. The program is Q with Jian Ghomeshi.

January 13th, 2014

As I'm sure everyone is already aware, Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad were both victorious at this weekend's Golden Globe Awards for, I believe, the first time each. BOOM!!!! Aaron Paul was pipped for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama by Jon Voight (Ray Donovan).

Full list of the winners.

Golden Globes 2

Golden Globes

January 9th, 2014

I'm having something of an impromptu Walter White Appreciation Moment over at my journal if anyone else is feeling the pinch of Breaking Bad Withdrawal (surely that's in the newly published DSM-V, yes?!) and would like to join me!

The original prompt for my entry was 'Top Ten Walter White Moments of 2013', but feel free to share whatever the hell you want in the comments. THE MORE THE MERRIER, TBQH, COMRADES!


Link goes to the entry at my journal...

December 3rd, 2013

Can one of you lovely fan-people please tell me which episode this scene is from?


I have spent the better part of my evening searching for screen caps, but can not for the life of me find one of the scene I am after. I really should have just come here and asked at the beginning! (Not that spending the evening looking at BrBa screencaps is bad or anything!!)


November 19th, 2013

I know most people have probably seen these floating about somewhere already, but just in case you haven't; and also so we can have them saved here at the comm. for posterity:

"Goodnight, Scarface."

Alternate Ending

"I like to call it something better, and leave it at that."

Aaron and Bryan read the final script

Bryan and Aaron

September 30th, 2013

Spoilers for the FinaleCollapse )

Non-region-locked links below the cut.
A massive fan project about the entire series. Worth watching! Spoilers for entire series.

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