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[appreciation party] walter white

I'm having something of an impromptu Walter White Appreciation Moment over at my journal if anyone else is feeling the pinch of Breaking Bad Withdrawal (surely that's in the newly published DSM-V, yes?!) and would like to join me!

The original prompt for my entry was 'Top Ten Walter White Moments of 2013', but feel free to share whatever the hell you want in the comments. THE MORE THE MERRIER, TBQH, COMRADES!


Link goes to the entry at my journal...
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[help!] screen cap search

Can one of you lovely fan-people please tell me which episode this scene is from?


I have spent the better part of my evening searching for screen caps, but can not for the life of me find one of the scene I am after. I really should have just come here and asked at the beginning! (Not that spending the evening looking at BrBa screencaps is bad or anything!!)


Episode 515 - "Granite State" analysis article now available at Tucker's Hole

Hiya Fellow Baddicts!

Getting excited for tonight's finale?  Me too!   I make some pretty bold predictions in my article on Episode 515 - "Granite State" which is now available at Tucker's Hole.   Use it for a "read in" to the finale!

Episode 515 - "Graninte State" Article at Tucker's Hole

I'm also pretty proud of the "Mr. Magoo" catch I made in that episode, which I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere.

Enjoy the article, and the finale tonight!  (What a bittersweet evening!)

Nick "C.R."
Heya Lester

Media Update: Episode 5.15 Granite State

Hiya everyone! Thought I wouldn't be able to cover this week, but got back home just in time to be able to post an update before the finale.

So here's your dose of media for this week...and it's MASSIVE! Sorry for posting this so late, but got a bit waylaid by RL stuff. Also, there are SO MANY articles out there, I can only really give you a taste of what's around. If you'd like more, just check out the following publications sites direct.

Feel free to post any other articles and interesting reads you might find. And please let me know if there's any problems with the links.

**Note - I haven't read all these articles, so beware re spoilers**


Hitfix (Sepinwall)
AV Club review
Vulture (Matt Zoller Seitz)
Huffington Post (Maureen Ryan)
Time Magazine (James Poniewozik)
The Hollywood Reporter (Tim Goodman)
LA Times (Todd VanDerWerff)
Think Progress (Alyssa Rosenberg)
Grantland (Andy Greenwald)
IGN review
IndieWire 2
IndieWire 3
TV Overmind
Boston Herald
Cinema Blend
Buddy TV
Crave Online
The Antenna Blog
The Atlantic
Rolling Stone review
TV Guide
TV Equals
Film School Rejects
The Week
TV Fanatic
Den of Geek
Wall St Journal
Digital Spy
The Daily Beast
Slant Magazine
Zap2It review
Paste Magazine
Denver Post
The Guardian
Grantland Precap for Ep 5.16

Articles and Interviews
Vulture: Damon Lindelof on Br Ba: How Heisenberg is like Batman
Vulture: Krysten Ritter on Br Ba: Team Walter White until the bitter end
Salon: Walter White's sickness mirrors America
Time Magazine: Is Heisenberg Dead? Walter White and the light switch theory of morality
Salon: The hidden clues to Br Ba's meaning
AV Club: Bringing Br Ba into focus
Popular Mechanics: How Br Ba's chemistry explains Walter White
Washington Post: Br Ba's Anna Gunn and the triumph of hero over anti-hero
Vulture: Matt Zoller Seitz on the 11 Br Ba episodes he can't shake
The Pacific Northwest Inlander: How Br Ba redeemed its worst mistakes *EDIT - excellent article, highly recommend reading this*
Uproxx: Why the Br Ba finale may not provide the satisfying ending that some want

Forbes: Interview with Kelly Dixon
Forbes: Interview with Michael Slovis
Forbes: Interview with Melissa Bernstein
EW.com: Interview with Betsy Brandt
EW.com: Interview with Peter Gould
Vulture: Interview with Peter Gould
Vulture: Interview with RJ Mitte
Vulture: Interview with Michael Bowen (Uncle Jack)
Rolling Stone: Interview with Bob Odenkirk
Rolling Stone: Interview with Laura Fraser
Rolling Stone: Interview with Anna Gunn
Rolling Stone: Interview with Michelle McLaren
Rolling Stone: Interview with Vince Gilligan
LA Times: Interview with Vince Gilligan
The Hollywood Reporter: Interview with Robert Forster
Time Magazine: Interview with David Costabile
Variety: Interview with Peter Gould
AMC: Interview with Laura Fraser
The Telgraph: Interview with Bob Odenkirk
Washington Post: Interview with Michael Slovis

Blogs, Videos and Podcasts
AMC Insider podcast
AMC - Talking Bad (geolocked vid :P)
Breaking Good Podcast
Breaking Bad Afterbuzz podcast (iTunes link)
Slashfilm: The Ones Who Knock podcast
Firewall and Iceberg podcast 202 (via RSS feed)
Ryan and Ryan Podcast
The TV Critic Br Ba podcast
Grantland Hollywood Prospectus Podcast (with Andy Greenwald)
Grantland B.S. report (with Alan Sepinwall)
Uproxx - Funny or Die: Huell's Rules (fake Br Ba spinoff) (video)
Huffington Post: Breaking Bad's lighthearted moments (video)
The Hollywood Reporter: The end of Br Ba: The Creator and Cast reminisce and reveal (video)
Br Ba cast on Conan video (via Gorillavid - watch on Firefox with Adblock and it should work well)

LA Times: Emmys 2013: Br Ba wins Best Drama Series
Variety: Emmys - Br Ba knife fight was cathartic for Anna Gunn
The Hollywood Reporter: Emmys - Br Ba winner Anna Gunn doesn't care about Skyler haters
Uproxx: The Internet's funniest reactions to Br Ba's Granite State
Uproxx: Br Ba gif highlights: Granite State
Uproxx: Stephen Colbert finally got around to acknowledging his ice cream's cameo in Sunday's Br Ba
Uproxx: A market research firm asked viewers how they wanted Br Ba to end, and the results are surprising
Huffington Post: What do you think will happen in the series finale?
Huffington Post: Walter White's transformation in one EPIC gif (excellent gif!)
Huffington Post: The greatest Br Ba posters ever
Vulture: 5 Loose ends Br Ba probably wont tie up
Vulture: Take Vulture's Br Ba Superfan Quiz (I got 47/50--see how you go!)
Vulture: See Br Ba Choose Your Own Adventure books
EW.com: Br Ba cast: My favourite moment is...
EW.com Br Ba: What's the #1 question fans ask the cast?
EW.com: Br Ba stars reveal what props they kept (or stole)
Salon: How Br Ba made millenials watch live TV
Salon: The 10 most heart attack inducing moments on Br Ba this season
Salon: Don't let Jesse kill Walt!
USA Today: Whatever the end, Br Ba  will be on high
Access Hollywood: Br Ba stars talk finale: "Ït gets so much crazier!"
Forbes: Commericals during Br Ba finale commanding a cool quarter million
Cinema Blend: Your Br Ba gift guide: The good, the weird and the truly bizarre
The Hollywood Reporter: Br Ba: Stars look back on 5 seasons of acclaimed TV
Wired: Behold, the ultimate Br Ba finale party, complete with Heisenburgers
Slate: Why Walter White can't just take his money to a Swiss Bank
LA Times: Jon Hamm talks Br Ba
Time Magazine: Br Ba's Tio Salmanca - "My bell is worth more than Walter White's underwear"