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AMC's Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

Wendy -- "Before" & "After"

Wendy -- "Before" & "After"

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I thought you guys might like to see the terrific make-up job that's required to transform actress, Julia Minesci, into Wendy the Hooker.


  • He there I was wondering if you could put this under a cut?

    Bad Mod
  • amazing!
    I love how the side characters are just as important as the main and secondary characters...someone new might be introduced just as an off-side encounter for Walt or Jesse, then later that character gets a focus that's important to the plot as a whole...really well done
  • This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  • thanks for this! i was wondering what the actress actually looked like in real life. she's pretty. :)
    • Apparently this is her first TV acting job, though she also works as a stage actress in New Mexico.

      Even the "minor" characters on Breaking Bad are awesome!
  • haha she looks just as gross in both pics
  • I am so relieved! I was wondering about the actress and how much of that...look...was makeup.
  • Wow...it almost looks like she has a totally different bone structure when she's Wendy. In her case, it's probably a good thing that people DON'T recognize her on the street!
  • holy crap!! night & day difference!!

    strangely enough i love wendy the hooker! LOL
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