peekaboo_mod (peekaboo_mod) wrote in breaking_bad,

New Fic Community!

Hello BrBa fans!

I'm the mod of a newly minted community on LJ for Breaking Bad fans, specifically devoted to the eternally unlucky, endearingly dumb, exceptionally sweet Jesse Pinkman. The fandom doesn't seem to have had much presence on LJ (at least not in a while), and fic seems a bit thin on the ground. So if you've been wanting a particular story, if you've been looking for a place to post your own work, if you've got prompts and plot bunnies bouncing around in your head with nowhere to go, come to peekaboo_fics and play!

Please comment either here or on the welcome post at the comm if you're interested!
Tags: breaking bad, character: jesse pinkman

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