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AMC's Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

[better call saul] pilot episode | 'uno'

[better call saul] pilot episode | 'uno'

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[bb] huell | sitting waiting wishing
What did everyone think? I've had about two minutes to process and I'm still in that kind of immediate afterglow of having these characters back in my life. I might need a few more minutes before I can put together a proper review! Post your thoughts/flail/incoherent RAMBLE in the comments! If you write reviews at your own journals, feel free to link them in the comments also.

Better call saul
  • 2day watch - it's feels like lil sad,but intresting when appear BB heros
    • I agree that there are definitely undertones of 'sad' through this. I actually really like that we're getting to see a character so much BEFORE the events in Breaking Bad. It's a nice contrast, given the other similarities between the two shows, that instead of coming in right as things start to shift, we get to see Jimmy be Jimmy for while... it really is working to establish 'Saul' as the mask Jimmy needed to wear to put one foot in front of the other each day. I am very keen to see how it all unfolds.
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