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AMC's Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

Finale Sneek Peek ... aka I love Honey Tits :)

Finale Sneek Peek ... aka I love Honey Tits :)

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If you have not seen sneek peek yet you should have a look because its all kinds of brilliant in my book.

I've waited so long for a Walt verbal beatdown.
So, beautiful!!!
Can't help but love HT I tell you

Youtube version for those outside the US

On a side note: While there is nothing big in this clip all those fearing spoilage be very VERY careful. Loads of real and totally fake spoilers starting to fly around everywhere out there you should PASS ON BY ALL AT THIS POINT BE CAREFUL!
  • Oh, yeah, there's one out there - regarding the plant that Walt's gun points to on the last "Spin the Gun"... not a spoiler, but fan speculation. Has anyone else seen that? I don't know what to think. It makes me SUPER sad if they're right.
    • I've seen several like that now.
      While certainly sad I can't say it surprised me. I assumed it was Walt from the start. Not that he's evil in such a matter exactly as much as utterly crazed and desperate for any way to get to and kill gus since that is the only way he sees to save his own family.
      • I guess I haven't completely accepted Walt's growing assholishness. I know it, but I remember the old Walt who had to make a pro/con list...
  • omg that's freakin' hilarious. Go, HoneyTits!
    • Is she brilliant or what? While doubt she'll manage to shake him down for more than the 1700 (he's kind of busy) it still great to see someone take him to task.

      Love the whole " Danger? Whoopdee fricken do!""
      YAY HT!!!!
  • Can't watch it for I am not in the US. :-(
  • Hahahah oh man that is the greatest.
  • LOL, that's a great sneak peek! Thanks for the link!

    I love her and Saul...so hilarious. But behind the comedy, they seem to be among the few people on the show who aren't entirely deluded by the situation and have the common sense to realise when to get out :)

    Re the spoilers, I'm hearing something about a certain photo doing the rounds that's raising some debate in forum circles. Haven't looked at it as I don't want to know, but is that what you're talking about? Goodness, I was spoilered enough about the happenings in that last ep, I'm really not wanting to know anything unless it's been officially released by AMC :O
    • Ahhhh the photo :(
      Like many others out there that could be very much faked for attention as much as real I can tell you when it comes to this one, working for AMC on the official boards, the regulars there that have seen it have dubbed it totally faked using a zombie me (guess its someone messed up injured looking) insert any picture get a zombie program that was advertised just around the corner at Walking Dead.

      They blew it off pretty much immediately. Hence my warning. Who knows what people whats real, not or what people will do to get some attention. Best to pass them all by and wait to see what happens.
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